Candor: The Perfect Society

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The perfect society is in the town Candor, Florida it is the utopia that all societies thrive for. Candor is a town in the book “Candor” by Pam Bachorz where the kids always do their homework, do not talk back to their parents’ as a result of the messages that are played to every resident of Candor to make the perfect society. Oscar Banks is the protagonist of the story as well as the son of CAmpbell, the one who created the messages. Oscar keeps the secret of the messages a secret to help people escape Candor. But when Nia comes to town Oscar is mesmerized by her along with her ability to see the real Oscar Banks. In the result of her pureness, Oscar has to decide to help Nia escape Candor with the result of losing her or keep her in Candor and risk the exposure of the messages. Although both Oscar and his father Campbell believe in controlling others, Oscar thinks that being in control is necessary to help people, while Campbell thinks that being in control is necessary to manipulate people. Candor florida was built to be the perfect society. The houses are perfect, the…show more content…
Campbell controls the town of Candor using the messages and making the buildings and the outside of Candor perfect. In florida palm trees grow but in Candor Florida, “palm trees are outlawed… instead there are oaks and pines, makes everyone feel at home” (Bachorz 22) because Campbell does not allow palm trees. He thinks it is so necessary to control everything so that he can manipulate the citizens of Candor to keep them isolated from the rest of Florida and the world. One of the messages that Campbell uses to control the people of Candor is to, “never take advantage of someone else’s need” (Bachorz 92) which is a sign of hypocrisy because Campbell takes advantage of people’s needs. Campbell believes that it is necessary to control people to manipulate
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