Carny And Rufo Analysis

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Dogs are the most wonderful creatures in the world. ¿When will people take a lesson from them? All they ask is for love and a little kindness. They would give their all for us without hesitation even though we hurt them. As humans: some are able to abandon vulnerable creatures...others are able to give love. This a story about Candy and Rufo , our adorable dogs. Candy was rescued for us two years ago. And Rufo was adopted for us one year later.
Two years ago it was very quiet at my house in Quito. We were a happy married couple. We bought a beautiful house with a spacious courtyard, and we were thinking about add a dog our home. My husband is a sensitive and sensible person, and he had been around dogs since his childhood and have always loved being in company of them. In contrast, I had never had a dog, but I like them.
One day my husband and I received a phone call from my sister. She said me that her husband had found a Labrador puppy. It was abandoned at a park nearly my sister´s house. She wondered if we wanted
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It is so nice l when we arrive at home and they wag their tail and jump up and down and they give us a kiss. It is important to say that they are very cleaner and educated. Although they spend a lot of time indoors, the house is always clean. Once, because we did not get a person who takes care of them, we took them to the beach, and we had no problem at the hotel. There are several reasons why I think dogs are wonderful creatures. I consider that we can learn a lot from our dogs. Their companionship, loyalty and unconditionally love is unmatched by any human standard. Consequently, we are grateful of the opportunity to adopt such sweet and beautiful dogs. All of us enjoy go to walk and spend time together every day. We will continue to give their love, guidance and patience. They trust us now and know we are their forever. We will have many years of love and joy

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