Candy Day In The Family

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One of the many ways to bring a distant family together is just that, veritably bringing them together all in one location. My mother’s side of the family is the family that does the most leviathan family reunions. These family reunions have consisted of going to one another’s houses and making candy, going to one another’s houses and just hanging out, and the biggest of all, renting out a school for a saturday afternoon to make candy with their kitchen. This “holiday” that is celebrated around the family 's christmas time is commonly known as Candy Day. Another, sort of dumbed down version of Candy Day, is where we go to our aunt and uncle’s house and we just hang out and play in their yard. Their yard is no grassy field and their house is no mansion, but something about getting together with people who you are related to, whether you know them or not, makes the house seem a very welcome paradise. These two days, which are the cornerstone of fun-to-be-had in the family market, make up the most treasurable moments with my extended family. The first and possibly most notable day is Candy Day. Candy Day, a time of connection and joy, can be one of the most fun days of the lead up to christmas. The most specific case of this excitement is when we rented out a school for a warm Saturday afternoon, in December of all times, and made as much candy as we could physically muster. At the time I was around 5 or 6 so the playground outside was the highlight of the experience.
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