Candy Should Be Allowed In Schools

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Schools around the nation ban soda and candy from their campus while other schools allow their students to have candy and soda. Some schools say it’s too unhealthy for their students so they provide just the school food because it’s healthy and nutritious. Other schools do allow their students to drink soda and candy because their students often crave different things instead of just school food. Through my perspectives I say we should not ban soda and candy. I say we shouldn’t ban soda and candy because us students do crave it. We watch our teachers and tutors drink soda and eat their candy and it gets to us. While they’re drinking their soda and eating their candy, we’re over here wishing we can have some. Yea people say it’s unhealthy and we can get diabetes out of it, but it doesn’t really give us any evidence that either directly causes obesity. We want that satisfying taste in our mouths. Instead of checking students to see if they have any type of soda or candies on them, they should be focusing on teaching their students. Yes some schools have water fountains, but it’s just not as satisfying as soda. Candy can be an energy bar for some students that really need it. Let's say you have your final test tomorrow and your only energy bar would be candy, how would you think you did on the test? Removing unhealthy food from school will make it even harder for students to…show more content…
I would watch her every time she’ll take a big sip of her soda and eat her candy. I really wanted to go over there myself to have a sip of her soda and eat some candy that was on her desk, but I couldn't. I was craving it the whole day ever since I saw my teacher during 1st period. Right after I got home, I went straight to the store to buy me a refreshing soda and a bag of candy. After finishing my soda and my bag of candy, I felt really
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