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I found it very difficult to determine if a website was a hoax or not. After going through all seven websites multiple times, I finally figured out which ones were hoax sites and which were not. After eliminated those sites, I took the three sites that were left and tried to compare and contrast to figure out which I thought would be the most beneficial to an elementary science class. I have came to the conclusion that the most effective website would be the Cane Toad website. The Cane Toad website seemed to be the most beneficial to me because when looking at the “Teachers’ Guide on how to Evaluate Web Content” page, I went through and checked to see if the page had majority of the characteristics listed. I found that this page did have many of those characteristics. For example, the Cane Toad website gives the author name, Dr. Steve A. Johnson, and gives his education, job titles, and some background information on him. Also, the page seems to be signed with the University of Florida. I checked multiple links on the page and all of the links that I checked seemed to work proper and took me to the correct location on the website. Another…show more content…
Even though these reasons are valid, I do feel as though this website has room for improvement. One of the main characteristics of this site is they could list who is the editor of the website. When checking out the information, I was just assuming that the author is the one that checks the site, but that may not be true and others viewing the site may not think the same about that information. The only other problem I found with this site was I tried a link that was supposed to be a frog call and it seemed to take a while to load, but this was the only link that I had a problem with on this site. Other than these characteristics, I feel as though this is a high-quality

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