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Market Analysis The market for online gaming and shopping is vast oasis of potential customers. CanGo is currently targeting a small section of the population and potentially not the most profitable portion. CanGo focuses the majority of its attention on the Gen X and Gen Y populations; there are other segments of the population of online gamers and shoppers that could provide a larger customer base. According to the Entertainment Software Association, in 2015 155 million Americans play video games (Entertainment Software Association, 2015), either on personal computers or gaming consoles. The 155 million only accounts for Americans not all the other countries around the world that has gamers and CanGo has seen a spike in sales to Japan. There…show more content…
since 2000 (Pepitone and Goldman, 2013) and started off as just an MP3 player system. However, it has since grown in products and popularity. Some of the popularity is because of its software ability to run on both Mac and Windows systems. CanGo is still a relatively new company who hasn’t had the chance to grow in popularity and was only conceived in 2006. Strengths Locally owned CanGo has the advantage of being a locally owned company. By being locally owned they are able to hold more personal promotions such as the block party mentioned in “CanGo to Unveil Online Gaming Venture” in August of 2010. Some customers may seek to buy from locally owned companies. CanGo vs. Addicting Games is a purely online gaming company is the largest online gaming site in the U.S. According to Gartner, Inc., an information and technology research and advisory company, the entire video game market is set to reach $111,000 billion by 2015 and PC Gaming makes up $21,601 billion of that (Gartner, 2013). Weaknesses Staffing Currently Addicting Games employs an entire community of employees, third-party developers and professional gamers who help create the online games found on their site. They are able to launch at least 12 new games every week (Addicting Games, 2014). As it stands, CanGO has one online gaming developer, Whitney.

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