Cango's Strategic Plan

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CanGo is currently experiencing a significant number of challenges due to the lack of organizational structure. Every business has limited human, financial, technological, and other resources that are available to produce and to market its products and services (Kerin, 2012). However, these resources must be strategically used to satisfy the customers’ needs and become a dominant organization within its respective market. Kerin (2012), defines strategic planning as a long-term course of action designed to deliver a unique customer experience, while achieving its organizational goals. CanGo is in vital need of a strategic plan, to address areas of customer service, organizational structure and culture, performance feedback and marketing. The foundations of an organization that wants to achieve financial and non-financial objectives must be summarized into two main phrases, which are the Vision and Mission Statements. Additionally, CanGo faces an issue of organizational culture. Even though this is one of the hardest areas to address, CanGo needs to revamp the culture…show more content…
Increasing revenue by 30%, implement a customer review process and obtain at least a 95% customer satisfaction rate and stablish a 20% returning customer rate, are some of the goals recommended to CanGo, and which should be achieved within the next 12 months. As consultants, ExperCon suggests that by utilizing customer and audience targeting, market segmentation, understanding current market-trends, building life-long clients, and revamping the online shopping experience, CanGo will achieve those financial and non-financial goals. Moreover, by hiring and training their employees in all technical areas of the industry and redesigning the logistics, supply chain, and distribution plan, CanGo will achieve the desired functions in all
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