Canine Activity Summary

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For this activity you will need the following items: a certified canine friend, running shoes, active sports wear, head protector, vest, and sunblock. The location can be from the comfort of the clients home to the nearest park. Like I mentioned earlier the purpose of this activity is for the client to gain physical enhancement and social/emotional connection. The activity break down for the client would be the following: Step one: prep your canine by putting on their safety leash and providing a treat, Step two: stretch and warm up, Step three: visually locate the colorful balance beam, Step four: step on the balance beam and allow your canine to guide you through the turns, Step five: step off the beam and bend down to the floor and through…show more content…
GAD is psychological impairment that worries patients excessively and interfere with their social functioning. People with anxiety worry about future events, that leads them into feeling physical symptoms as shakiness (Porter, 2015). There are six different type of anxiety, which are the following: generalized anxiety disorder, agoraphobia, specific phobia, social anxiety disorder, separation anxiety disorder, and panic disorder (Porter, 2015). Some characteristics of this disorder are: excessive worrying, trouble sleeping, hot flashes, nausea, and tension. This leads to some of the challenges they face like, for physical domains people with anxiety can suffer from muscle weakness. When the anxiety attack kicks in clients feel numb, shaky, and their muscles feel wobbly. During the emotional domain area, clients suffer from depression, when anxiety and depression combine it leads to the client having to take medication to balance both conditions. The cognitive domain, people with anxiety tend to have negative distortions on the way they look at themselves and the world they live in. An other social challenge is patients with anxiety worry about everything and have a major fear of embarrassing or making mistakes in front of people. And lastly a challenge in the leisure domain would be that that when in new places or trying new activities they might feel anxious and stress. However people anxiety have some…show more content…
This modality helps clients with physical and mental development goals. Certain adaptations that can be done during this activity are the following : in the physical domain area patients are allowed to observe and take a trail class to familiarize themselves with the movements in case they feel overwhelmed jumping right to it. For the social domain adaptation, clients tend to fear of making mistakes or making a fool out of themselves. However we assure our clients that everyone in is judge mental free or can schedule a private session. As well for the emotional domain, people with anxiety might come with negative thoughts or depressed but we promote a happy and positive vibe from everyone and before class we 'll have instructors come up to clients to make them feel comfortable and let them know this is a fun and safe activity. And lastly for the cognitive domain, people with anxiety when they can 't understand something tend to fall under stress in this case Tai Chi has Chinese language for all the movements however for our clients to not feel stressed for not understanding, during the activity we have translators helping our clients understand the language and demonstrating the movement as
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