Cannery Row John Steinbeck Analysis

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Obadiah Jones

The summarization of Cannery Row authored by John Steinbeck. Steinbeck published Cannery Row in 1945 . Steinbeck has a personal association with a place called Cannery Row ,California. Steinbeck lived some what 30 miles away from it therefore Steinbeck making up tall tales about the citizens of Cannery Row. Mr. and Mrs. Sam Malloy moved into the boiler having to crawl through the fire door to meet in the head room. Below were pipes in which Mr. Malloy had people sleep in them for rent. (1935 p. 48) Cannery Row is about a group of men rushing to attain money so they can throw a party for the Doc who has been gracious for them ,while telling little allegories giving the citizens, identities.

Being swell to a man who has
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