Cannibalism In A Madman's Diary By Lu Xun

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The writings of Lu Xun speak volumes to the various issues of China in the early 20th century. In his writings specifically, “A Madman 's Diary” he begins to introduced the idea of cannibalism. The actual diary of the madman that Lu Xun is referring to belongs to the brother of a childhood friend of the main character in the story. The dairy is filled with the haunting revelation that, the society in which the author lives in practices cannibalism. The writer is terrified that references to cannibalism are subliminally inscribed throughout the old writings and teachings of Confucianism. The madman becomes aware of his family 's complicity in these acts as well as his own. “As for my elder brother, I have also good reason to suspect him. When he was teaching me, he said with his own lips, "people exchange their sons to eat." And once in discussing the bad man, he said that not only did he deserve to be killed, he should "have his flesh eating and his hide slept on." (12).1 The diary’s author becomes convinced that not only is going to be eaten but the simple fact that he may have participated in the act of eating others as well. Cannibalism can be defined as the practice of eating the flesh of one 's own species. Lu Xun uses cannibalism as a metaphor to not only got reference traditional confucian practices but also the society 's willingness to “sacrifice” one 's true self and individuality to uphold these traditions. In another of Lu Xun’s stories, “K’ung I-chi” , we

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