Cannibalism In The Road, By Cormac Mccarthy

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In Cormac McCarthy’s post-apocalyptic novel The Road, the protagonists, the boy and his father, witness the fall of humanity and how those surrounding them disregarded their morals in order to survive. They saw how some have to rely on a taboo known as cannibalism. But how did these individuals fall into the practice of cannibalism? The human body can only do so much to adapt without food and since food is a vital source of survival; the effects from this process of adaptation can be deadly. A lack of nourishment in the human body will result in biological and psychological consequences. The humans in the novel must have experienced some aspect of starvation to a degree before practicing cannibalism because of the psychological and physical effects that one can suffer. Starvation is the result of a malnourished body; a body is malnourished when it lacks the proper nutrients that are essential for proper function and survival. Starvation mode is one of the effects that occurs when the body is deprived of nutrients. A result of starvation…show more content…
Humans in the post-apocalyptic setting either had to take a risk and suffer the effects of starvation or disregard their morals and partake in the action of cannibalism. Starvation is a slow, disturbing process in the human body. It affects the body negativity not only physically but cognitively. The physical effects can include but are not limited to hair loss, weight loss and muscle spasms. While, the cognitive effects of starvation are not limited to an increase in irritability, an overall decrease in mental health and sudden dizziness. History has shown that, when humans are placed in locations that lack order while having a lack of food can result in either cannibalism or death. Because of the effects powerful effects starvation has on the human body, it is no wonder that the humans in The Road will result in the act of

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