Cannon Bard Theory Of Emotion

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Emotion is a state of feeling that results in physical and psychological changes that influence both thought and behavior.
James Lange Theory
This theory argues that an event causes physiological arousal first and then we interpret this arousal. Only after our interpretation of the arousal can we experience emotion. If the arousal is not noticed or is not given any thought, then we will not experience any emotion based on this event.
Cannon Bard Theory
This theory argues that we experience physiological arousal and emotional at the same time, but gives no attention to the role of thoughts or outward behavior.
Schachter Singer Theory
According to this theory, an event causes physiological arousal first. You must then identify a reason for
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When we smile, we then experience pleasure, or happiness. When we frown, we then experience sadness. It is the changes in our facial muscles that cue our brains and provide the basis of our emotions. Just as there are an unlimited number of muscle configurations in our face, so to are there a seemingly unlimited number of emotions.
Animals and Humans: Animals and humans both experience the same basic emotions in similar ways.
Evolutionary History: Emotions appeared as a result of evolution. Emotions were present in animals even before apes evolved.
Survival Issues: Emotions have evolved over time in order to increase the chances of survival in the environment. For example, trust results in collaboration and sharing between humans.
Prototype Patterns: Although there are several types of emotions that are present in different species, there are prototype patterns, or common elements, that are identifiable.
Basic Emotions: A relatively small number of prototype, primary emotions, or basic emotions exist and can be identified.
Combinations: All other emotions occur as a result of a mixture, or combination, of the basic emotions. For example, love is a combination of joy (primary emotion) and trust (primary
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When you feel powerless, you 're prey to depression 's traveling companions, helplessness and hopelessness. You don 't alter or avoid the situation because you feel nothing can be done.
Job description
Every employee should have a specific, written job description. Simply negotiating one does more to dispel a sense of powerlessness than anything else we know. It is a contract that you help write. You can object to what and insist on what you do want. If there is a compromise, it 's because you agreed to it. With a clear job description, your expectations are spelled out, as are your boss 's.
When you are about to get sacked
There are many reasons for staying in a job that doesn 't fit you or that you don 't particularly like. One reason can be the having salary, pension, benefits and "perks" that keep one tied to a job regardless of stress consequences. Many people are in jobs they don 't like or aren 't good at. The quick answer is to get a job they like or one those better matches their skills, abilities and interest easier said than done. Some clients have no idea what kind of job they would like or what kind of job would be

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