Cannot Be Undone Analysis

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The choreographies presented at the Cornish Dance Theater were very distinct from each other, though choreographers from both pieces put much effort on communicating devices to best deliver their intended-visions to the audiences. In MIXeD mEdia, the stage was decorated into a narrowed, light-colored setting in addition to the ballet performance, making the overall impression of the performance to be somewhat joyful and relaxing. Similarly, in Cannot Be Undone, the choreographer not only had music altering between strong-beats-fast-pace and sentimental-style-slower-pace, but also utilized varied lighting design in addition to props for creating sensational impacts. Although the two choreographers structured the performance with very different way, I believe that their intentions and motivations were alike after viewing and sharing…show more content…
The choreography was themed in violence, killing, witchcraft and haunting corpses. One of the most distinct aspect of Cannot Be Undone was the use of black plastic bags to create a dark waves where people were hiding underneath, creating a tidal-moves, seeking to hunt down those alive. Another aspect was that dancers in Cannot Be Undone utilized much more gestures to deliver certain ideas. For examples, facial expressions were made while the music was singing witchcraft and craziness and dancers spent a great portion of time on ground rolling across the stage as if their lives were fading away. Dancers were also punching out their palms firmly along with a strong music beats, or swinging their hips elegantly while the music changed into a slower pace. Because dancers were constantly moving in all up, medium and low levels with heavy efforts, audiences can easily catch the choreographer’s intended idea through their sensational
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