Cannulation Lesson Plan

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IV Cannulation Lesson Plan for New Staff Nurses Introduction Five new graduate staff nurses have just recently joined our hospital; I planned to teach them the fundamentals of IV cannulation in a whole day session. Intravenous (IV) Cannulation is the insertion of a cannula into the body or veins to allow the fluid or drugs to flow all over the body and administer the medication, it is the most common process done in most hospitals or clinics (Caroline, Elling & Smith, 2012). This is not a simple task, especially for new staff nurses who are doing it for the first time. Although IV cannulation is a common process, it still requires adequate skills and intervention to ensure the quality of the process. Mishandling IV cannulation can impact…show more content…
It is not necessarily the external learning material, but its active usefulness to immediately process, retain and recall the information among new staff nurses about what they learned (Whittman-Price & Godshall, 2009). This can be achieved by linking or relating the guiding principles to their prior knowledge or discovery of new information using organized and easy to understand instructions. New staff nurses can easily relate guiding principles using visual aids, graphs, charts, images, auditory and other multi-media tools for easier learning…show more content…
This theory suggested that the supportive, sound and safe learning environment can motivate them to accomplish higher learning. They can use their knowledge and experiences in higher order thinking while actually engaging in helping patients through active participation or real life activities like approaching a patient, simulation of history, recording of data, group learning, role playing, research and interviews. These activities should also provide mental creativity, social challenges and lessons for new staff nurses as they continue to seek advance knowledge and experience according to (Keating, 2011). Assessment/ Evaluation After the training the formative assessment and summative evaluation will be given to new staff nurse base on their overall performance and according to our objectives. This will be an ongoing assessment to measure their improvement changes. In return the new staff nurses will also be given an opportunity to provide an evaluation of the training session. This will be used for feedback and reflection of their teacher to identify and develop certain weaknesses or limitation as required. New Staff Nurses Evaluation (Conducted by

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