Narrative Essay About Canoeing

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As I dipped my feet into the water, shivers ran up my back. The water was chilly, but the sun was shining bright. It seemed like the perfect idea for some young 12 year old girls to go canoeing on the Mississipi river by themselves...or so we thought.
July 12th, 2014, I recieved a call from my best friend Macey. She was wondering if Cierra and I would like to go canoing with her on this fine afternoon. We usually go kayaking, but this time we wanted to go together in Macey’s neighbor’s canoe. First, Macey had to ask her neighbors if it was okay to borrow their canoe, but they were gone on vacation, so we ended up just taking it without them knowing. We tied a rope to the front, and Cierra pulled while Macey and I pushed in the back all the way across the yard to the Mississippi River. Macey’s backyard ends at the river bank, so it was not that far to push but far enough for our muscles to ache. As we pushed it into the river, I hopped in first because I wanted to be
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We tried to carry/swim the canoe to the other side of the river because by now we were drifting more towards that side. When we were trying to swim the canoe to shore, I felt something from underneath the water. I had to reassure myself that I will be fine and that nothing bad is going to happen, but that did not work, so I start to scream. I knew it was something bigger than a fish, and I scared Macey by doing this, so she started crying, and I do not really know what Cierra was doing because when I looked at her, she was laughing her head off. Now was not the time to be laughing in a life or death situation. I could feel the sliminess of this creature brush the tips of my toes. I could not quite tell what it was, but the shape was long and skinny. I tried looking through the water, but it was to murky for me to see anything. Still to this day, I do not know what kind of creature it was, but I think it might have been a large
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