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In the past, canola oil was touted as a healthy product because it is heart-friendly while also budget-friendly. However, the oil got a bad rap in a new research made by the Lewis Katz School of Medicine scientists at Temple University.
The study warned that there could be a link between canola oil and worsened memory and learning ability for patients with Alzheimer’s disease. However, the test was done on mice and may not necessarily apply on humans, Dr. Domenico Pratico, a professor and director of the School of Medicine’s Alzheimer’s Center, said, Philly Voice reported.
Daily consumption of canola oil
For the study, the researchers fed one group of six-month-old mice a normal diet for six months and another group the equivalent of two tablespoons
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Pratico said that in the animal model, the change in ratio resulted in significant neuronal damage, decreased neural contacts, and memory impairment.
Given the results of the study, the researchers plan to hold another study to determine the effect of canola oil in the short term and if it causes the onset of other ailments.
The oil from Canada
Canola oil is made of genetically modified rapeseed, a plant in the mustard family. Canola is a combination of the words “Canada” where the plant originated and "oleum," the Latin for oil. Canola oil is believed to be a healthier choice for cooking because of its low saturated fats and it has been shown to reduce cholesterol when it is compared to diets with higher saturated fat contents.
While Pratico considers the research a red flag for users of canola oil, he would not tell people to stop using it. However, he thinks there is insufficient evidence to claim that canola oil is a healthy alternative to olive oil.
The next step is to compare corn oil and a diet richer in animal fat. Pratico also wants to alter doses of canola oil to see how much is needed to cause brain change and if these changes are

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