Canon In English Literature

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1- Concept of canon and its characteristics features
The term canon basically is a form of literature, derived within the literacy works at a specific period. It is basically a mass that contains the literary works which have been done during a specific era. This also refers to the efforts, made towards the literature at a particular place ( Drabble and Harvey, 1985). This explains that a summary of the collection of literary works that had been written or directed within a span of certain years or a period. Also, this time may be referred to a specific region within its writers or philosophers of that era. The collection of all that written works that include theories, books, thoughts, and philosophies are established within a literary vision
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Born in 1564 and died in 1616. These fifty-two years played vital role in the change of the English literature history (Hatchuel, 2004).
He started his early literary work as a comedy writer and history. Those were identified as one the best works of that era. Later, he changed his writing prodigies to tragedies and calamities that include Hamlet, Othello, King Lear and Macbeth. They were recognized as few of the greatest works in English literature history. During his last phase of life, he changed his literature mood to tragicomedies which are also known modernly as romances and patched up with the other playwrights (Hatchuel, 2004).
During the recent era, his literature and works have been redesigned and adapted with the modern writing ways in performances. His plays, poems and serious texts have been widely famous among generations and people of every era have studied them continually. His dramatic concepts are repeatedly performed in varied social plays all over the world. One famous example of the same is Romeo and Juliet which is renowned by the whole world for hundreds of years (Hatchuel,
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Nights will be so bright because of her shining and glooming eyes and it would make the sky so bright that will confuse the birds to think whether it’s really a night, or is it the day starting over again. This phrase or quote best describes the visionary concept of Shakespeare to describe the beauty within his eyes. This is so impactive to the modern word literature where this sort of a text couldn’t exist in a complex form. The description of nature to identify a beauty was something that could be found widely in Shakespeare literature and that is something which was adapted by many writers and playwrights an are still recognized till
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