Cant Stop Won T Stop Analysis

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As detailed in Can’t Stop Won’t Stop, hip-hop was born through the explosion of creativity within America’s forgotten youth. The music spoke to the individuals in these forgotten communities. The music had a purpose and illuminated the political issues of the time. Sadly, over time, the increasing commodification of hip-hop as an art has gradually altered the audience of the music. As the audience has slowly changed, the meaning of some of the music has also changed. Capitalism has had a dual effect on hip hop; it has made hip hop “successful,” in that it spread it throughout the world and made it lots of money. On the other hand, it has distorted the original political nature of hip-hop. With that said, how has this change in hip-hop affected the purpose and audience of the art? I will examine the aforementioned question by analyzing two hip-hop songs from different…show more content…
Future spends most of the time speaking about his “white phantom” or his “VVS diamonds.” One line stated, “We livin’ marvelous, yeah we livin marvelous, Hit your girl up and tell’ them we that you’re all iced up.” The overlying theme of the song is the luxurious and flashy lifestyle. Instead of sending a political message, this song gives people a look into the life of a rapper. The young black audience could perceive this as a potential goal in life, as many young black children see rappers as role models. As Quest Love stated, “These days, nearly anything fashioned or put forth by black people gets referred to as ‘hip-hop.’” This demonstrates the fact that hip-hop is white people’s window into black culture. White people automatically make associations with what is illustrated in the music. As the earlier more politically charged hip-hop was directed to a certain subset of people, the newer hip-hop is created to attract a wide
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