Canterbury Tales Prologue Analysis

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Ellesmere manuscript of the Canterbury Tales?” Say at this line of the text that I know it all, I’ll write it and sort of that will be who I am. The other context where I post is kind of like there are couple of real estate and finance blogs, and I use a pseudonym. It's a different kind of expertise because the expertise of having a certain experience, but not being professionally active in real estate or finance. So you know, it's a different kind of expertise, and it's like, I just want to say I made theses kind of choices or whatever, and got theses kind of benefits, and these kinds of costs, but it's less like I'm saying… you know, I’m not in the position of saying this is a factual answer which cannot be superseded. I mean it's anecdotal,…show more content…
Rebecca:And how do you see social support in an online setting? John:I don't find it very genuine or substantial. I see that people use it for that, you know that there’s sites that people will visit, and they'll sort of talk to each other off topic and sometimes share certain personal circumstances, and I'm not inspired to do that, it’s not the kind of place would go to for social support, it doesn’t seem to be significant. Rebecca:And how different is the degree of accountability that you feel obligated to provide support in the real life versus online? So would you hold yourself more accountable and you feel more obligated to provide support for someone in the real world? And would you be more inclined to show emotional support in person? John: [Pause and thinks]I'm gonna say no, I mean it's only... within the network of relationships where I would ever provide advice or emotional support, like I would not... I don't think I would hesitate to provide that online as long as there is an existing relationship where I felt comfortable doing
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