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Mario Moreno Cantinflas better known as Cantinflas was a Mexican comic actor, producer, and writer. he 's complete name was Mario Fortino Alfonso Moreno Reyes, he born in Mexico city, Mexico on August 12,1911 and died on April 20,1938. He grew up in the neighborhood of tepito, he was the fifth child of eight children in the family. He married Valentina Ivanova Zubareff she was from Russian ethnicity it 's why the rare name. They got married on October 27, 1936 until her death in 1966. They adopted a child and named Mario Arturo Moreno Ivanova.

He served as president of the Mexican actors and as first secretary general of the independent film workers ' union when he retired, Moreno devoted his life to helping others through charity and
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All this made Cantinflas earned a golden globe for best actor. after he finish his first film around the world in 80 days he return to Mexico where he start a new film name el bolero de raquel,this was the first Cantinflas film to be distributed to the United States by Columbia pictures in 1957. El analfabeto, el padrecito and su excelencia was just the beginning of a long film production, 55 to be exact is where the character of cantinflas appear.

Cantinflas have a super,enormous,massive and tremendous impact in society that even the real academia Espanola add the verb cantinflear, cantinflas and cantinflada in its dictionary in 1992.Mexican artist Diego Rivera painted Cantinflas as a symbol of the Mexican culture. The American electronic music released a song about Cantinflas called Whipstickagostop. And of course he has the star on the walk of the fame in Hollywood.

well for me Mario Moreno was an awesome person, I think he was those kind of people that always want to help people because he was poor and he did suffer so he used to help people its why when he retired he help a lot of Childs that were poor and those who leave on the streets and he bring help too orphans and churches. Cantinflas was a comedian but he was a like a character so that people that leave in other parts of the world just see that real meaning of Mexico that is comedy, charisma and just super fun
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