Canto V Of Dante's Inferno

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In the poem Dante’s Inferno, Dante felt pity for the sinners for the first couple of levels, as he moved to the lower levels of hell he started to feel disgusted by the sinners behavior. He felt so terrible for the sinners that he would pass out on their level. Virgil would frown upon this because he did not want Dante to feel pity for the sinners, he wanted Dante to be mean to the sinners. An example of Dante’s pity from Dante’s Inferno Canto V “ Dante is so moved by the unfairness of it all that he starts crying”. Canto V is the last level Dante’s passes out. In Canto VI we see progression that Dante is starting to feel less pity in the text “Our two heroes ponder this sad fact as they walk towards the next circle”. Dante did not pass
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