Canto XXIII: Betrayal By Count Ugolino

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Canto XXXIII was very sad and tragic. Some of the themes were revenge, betrayal, and food. Ruggieri, an archbishop was betrayed by Count Ugolino. Ugolino betrayed his country and was forced out. To get revenge, Ruggieri persuaded the Pisans to go against Ugolino and lead him to a trap. Him, his sons and grandsons were taken away from their house and were locked up in a tower. They were left there and starved to death. This was where the theme of food showed. It was devastating where his children told him to eat them to end their sufferings. The depiction of characters is cannibalism and guilt. Ugolino was biting his hands. His children thought he was hungry and they told him to eat them since after all he is the father and the person who
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