9/11: The Comeback

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Chapter – The Comeback September 11, 2001, an infamous date in recent history, whereby a well-planned and coordinated terrorist assault was carried out on the World Trade Centre (WTC) in New York City and the Pentagon building in Washington D.C. A fourth attack was foiled when the passengers on-board the aircraft prevented the hijackers from hitting a fourth target, possibly the White House or the Capitol Building – the plane crashed in the Pennsylvania countryside 13. The World Trade Centre was built in 1970 and housed more than 430 companies from 28 different countries, engaging in a wide spectrum of commercial activities, including financial services, transportation, insurance, trade, import/export and foreign government. On a normal workday, the World Trade Centre hosted up to 50,000 personnel, and an additional 40,000 visited the complex12. In 1993 the World Trade Centre experienced its first terrorist attack when a large bomb exploded in the subterranean parking area. Six people were killed and more than a thousand injured7. Beacham and McManus state that security specialists agreed that America’s financial industry was a principal target for future terrorist attacks, and warned that disaster recovery plans were out-of-date and primarily focused on…show more content…
At that point in time, Gregor Bailar, Chief Information Officer and Head of Operations at the NASDAQ Stock Market, was driving in Greenwich Village, a few blocks away from the WTC8. When a second plane, American Airlines flight 175 with 65 people on board, hit the South Tower in 9:03AM, Bailar realised that a major problem was developing, and headed to NASDAQ’s Market site in Time Square in Lower Manhattan. At 9:15AM, a decision was taken to keep the market closed up to 10:00AM, which was later extended to the rest of the

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