Canvas Reflection Paper

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As the lead for the 6th grade science I created our common assessments on our online class, Canvas. Using this program, I was able to create an item analysis to collect data on each question in the assessment. Using this data, the other members of the team and myself were able create tier 2 interventions for the students who were not proficient. In addition, to small group instruction for this intervention. I created online lesson through Canvas to assist the students. Next we used this data to improve our instruction. Over all throughout the 6th grade scores improve from 65% to 81%. Another opportunity I had was as a member of the Building Learning Team (BLT) at Union Middle School desired to improve the students’ management skill. I collaborated with another teacher in creating a program focusing on the students’ soft skills: organization, goals, time management. The lessons were created and implemented through our online class system. The students learned strategies and perform tasks that related to their classes and assignments. They set goals, planned their time and then reflected on the outcomes. A notebook was used to record their lessons and keep track of their…show more content…
These were based on research in the area of concerns. One action research, was designed with the math teacher using spiral teaching math concepts. Data was collected using the district benchmarks. At this school, the population was mostly ELL students. An action research was created using academic vocabulary in math using student vocabulary booklet. It was created within the math lessons in a natural flow. The students use of vocabulary increased as did their score. The choice of this action research was from surveys collect from the students stating they struggled with the vocabulary of the instructions on an assessment as it was not necessarily the same vocabulary used in the
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