Capability Maturity Model

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Capability Maturity Model (CMM)
This paper is proposed a capability maturity model (CMM) for organization software development process, with the goal of improve existing software development processes. The CMM describes key process areas and practices necessary for effective CMM. The CMM further characterizes organizations by the level of maturity of these processes, meaning the organizational capability to reliably perform the processes. CMM explained the companies based on the company steering with and the clients (1)
Capability Maturity Model (CMM) broadly refers to a process improvement approach that is based on a process model. CMM also refers specifically to the first such model, developed by the Software Engineering
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The company is dealing with and declines the aim CMM (capability maturity model) is better existing software development processes, it can also be alert to other processes, it has come from the field of software development. It is also used as a general model to wait in business processes generally and has been uses extensively in government offices, commerce industry and software organizations. The CMM, which Company steering with and the clients, each level of the organization according to standardization of processes of the subject, CMM has five levels the first level is initial, the second level is repeatable the third level is defined the fourth level is managed the last fifth level is optimizing. (3) (4)…show more content…
Every capability maturity model, it provides a benchmark for measuring the maturity of an organization software presence so what basically a software capability maturity models provides he provides five things he provides a place to start benefits of organizations by our experiences language and shared vision a frame work for priorities to the action a way to define what improvements mean your organizations. (7)
Maturity level two - repeatable
At maturity level two company has installed all the basic software management process and controls it achieved all the specific and generic goals and the maturity level through the process disciplines reflect by maturity level two helps to ensure that existing practices are retained during the time of stress when this practice are done according to the manner the projects are performed and managed according to their documentation planned at maturity level two requirements process and work products and services are managed the stages of work products are delivered and visible to the management as defined.
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