Capillary Nail Refill Research Paper

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The capillary nail refill test is a quick test done on the nail bed. It is used to monitor dehydration and the amount of blood flow to tissue. If there is good blood flow to the nail bed, a pink color should return in less than 2 seconds after pressure is removed. There are a few important factors that can reduce the chances of a complication with diabetes Keep your blood pressure and cholesterol under control, don 't smoke, keep close watch on feet. It is important to keep close watch on the blood sugar, and proper administration of medications. The manifestations of a fractured hip include all or some of the following: severe pain in hip or groin, inability to put weight on leg on the side of injured hip, stiffness, bruising and swelling…show more content…
Some signs that a patient may have right sided heart failure are: shortness of breath, swelling of feet and ankles, JVD. This is often diagnosed by a EKG, or a chest xray. There are a few ways to determine if a patient has carpal tunnel. The Phalen 's sign is a common test used to do this the provider will have the patient hold your elbows at shoulder level and place the backs of your hands together with your wrists bent at 90 degrees. Hold this position for 60 seconds. This position increases the pressure on the median nerve. If the test worsens your symptoms pain and tingling in your hands, you may have carpal tunnel syndrome. Some providers will do an xray to rule out other things. There are safety measures to a person who is discharged with a pacemaker. Carry ID card and list of medications with you at all times. Advise dentist or other medical personnel you see that you have a pacemaker. If you require a MRI, discuss this with your doctor as this is metal in you. Avoid working with radar, strong magnets, or powerful electric devices. Grounded home electrical appliances have little or no effect on pacemakers. When you are on your cell phone use the opposite side of where the pacemaker is. Keep incision clean and pat dry. Do not scrub. Report any signs of infection, fever, pain, swelling, redness, oozing, or heat at site especially if these…show more content…
The quicker the patient can come off of the ventilator the less of a risk for the patient. To wean a patient off the ventilator it is important to have a physician order and to do it slow to make sure the patient can maintain. Slowly stop the sedations and see if the patient can breathe over the ventilator. Breathing exercises are important with a patient who is intubated to be able to get off the vent sooner. Some reasons that a patient would need mechanical ventilation is respiratory distress, if a person can’t protect airway, overdose, or an injury to the

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