Capital C Creativity Essay

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What exactly is creativity? Creativity is something that everyone has, however the amount of creativity people have varies. Children are very creative and it is important to understand the value and importance that it serves in a child’s life. Creativity is defined as “a way of thinking, acting, or making something that is original for the individual and valued by that person or others.” (Page 4) Creativity allows children to develop individuality and feel good about themselves. In order for children to feel this way, teachers need to focus on encouraging children to use their creative sense of mind. The two different types of creativity explained in the textbook are “Capital C” and “Small C” creativity. Capital C creativity “involves bringing…show more content…
EX: Billy recently went to the eye doctor and was prescribed a pair of glasses. Immediately Billy felt upset about the new change. Since Billy is worried and thinking about the new change in his physical appearance, he is less likely to show his creativity because he has other things on his mind. His teacher could encourage him to feel confident about himself by telling him that his glasses add onto his character and that many people wear glasses. Another example would be teachers helping children appreciate being different. EX: Billy’s teacher could have the class during circle time tell each other one thing that makes them unique. (Such as glasses, a freckle, painted fingernails, or a hat) By doing this it shows the children that they are ALL different from one another and should have confidence in themselves. Finally, the teacher could help the children feel happy and confident about their creativity. It is important that teachers do not jump in and do everything for the children, but to allow them to problem solve on their own. EX: Lilly was playing with the new play-doh toys and could not figure out how the “spaghetti maker” (using her creativity) worked. Her teacher watched her as she tried to solve the problem. After a couple of minutes, Lilly found another way to make her spaghetti. She was so excited to share with her teacher. Lilly felt confidence in the work she had completed
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