Capital Punishment Cruel And Unusual Essay

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Cruel and unusual? This is one of the main questions that is debated when dealing with capital punishment. Capital Punishment, or the death penalty, has been used for centuries as a means for punishing those who have committed heinous crimes. As time has progressed so have the methods of executions ranging from hanging, firing squads, electric chair, lethal gas, and lethal injection. The question that continues to arise is if these methods are becoming more and more cruel and unusual. Capital Punishment is cruel and usual, is costly, and does not deter crime rates and should ruled unconstitutional in all state. Capital punishment is a cruel and unusual method of “retribution” for those convicted of heinous crimes. A primary reason for the…show more content…
The Death Penalty Information Center has discovered that the states with the death penalty still have higher murder rates that those without, some years even up to a forty percent difference. Additionally, the south accounts for eighty percent of all executions, yet it still has the highest crime rates. Therefore, it is statistically proven that the death penalty is not doing what it was created to do, lower crime rates. There is also the belief that the death penalty is the “easy way out” for the criminals because then they don’t have to face the hardships of prison. The criminal also wouldn’t have to live with what they had done and think about their life choices. The opposition would claim the criminal wouldn 't feel remorse and they would be living a pretty good life in prison. No one can know for a fact if they will feel remorse or not, and prison is not some country club. There are conflicts and struggles in prison that they will have to face, and the hard truth is some may even end up wishing they had been sentenced to death. Since the death penalty is not doing what it was established to do then it should be eradicated throughout the United
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