Capital Punishment In Lionel Tate's For Life?

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“For Life?” the question that just kept replaying in Lionel Tate’s head over and over again. He never thought he would be sitting in a courtroom at the age of thirteen. Tate had just been sentenced to life without parole. He did not really know what to think as he was charged with murdering a six year old. Tate was only twelve at the time of the murder and was now thirteen. The rest of his life, his future, will be in the same place each and every day. No change what so ever. He would not be able to live his childhood dream. Nothing. To some this is what he deserved. They might believe that Tate should suffer the penalty of his actions. This is how they feel towards thousands of adolescents that are getting charged with life without…show more content…
Most of these offenders are now adults and have spent most of their life in the same place. These people could have went to college and become something, like a doctor, chef, and so much more, but instead they were left sitting in a cell. These children are in the midst of still growing and learning. They need to learn from their mistakes not just sit on them their whole life. The Campaign for the Fair Sentencing of Youth states that more than eighty percent of juveniles serving life have had a past that reflected their choices. For example they might have experienced violence in their homes or in their neighborhoods. Eighty percent of the girls sentenced have been physically abused in their past. All this anger and fear left inside of then leads up to their poor actions. Children were always told that they can not change their past, but they can change thier future. Well, how are children supposed to change their future and themselves by sitting in a cell? They already know what their future looks like. I believe that their should be up to them not the…show more content…
These other people might say that they do not know any better. If children commit the same crime as an adult, they should deserve the same consequences. Due to their bad past and lifestyle they might not be able to change. They won’t learn from it because where they came from it is okay. These people might also believe that one someone does something bad there is no hope. These children might never mature or grow up. They will be the same each and every day, so releasing them from jail will just cause more trouble in the world. Hundreds of judges that are, mothers, fathers, husbands, and wives, are getting left with the tough decision. Should this juvenile be sentenced to life without parole. Am i going to ruin this child’s childhood by putting them somewhere for the rest of their life. For me, I strongly believe people can change. What would you

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