Capital Punishment In Society

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Today, when one turns on the television to enjoy something great, radio to hear something good, or even read a local newspaper awaiting to read some good news, one is flooded with terrifying and depressing news talking about assassinations, suicides, series killing, and several other tragedic stories that disturb you inside out. Very rarely one finds such occasions where you don’t have to go through such depressing news all day long because not only the media but people around you also talk about such horrifying acts happening in the society. How one can tackle these prevailing conditions of crime in the society? At present, there is a huge debate over the topic of capital punishment which is becoming quite common but the biggest question on it is if it is ethically right or wrong. But what exactly is capital punishment? Capital punishment or sentenced to death as the punishment is called under law is taking away life of a criminal if he has committed a crime that is so severe that there is no remedy of it. Those crimes which come under the head of death penalty or capital punishment are called capital crimes. There are numerous reasons why capital punishment is thought to be an act of cruelty and has been dejected by many criminologists, media and common people. Firstly, this form of severe punishment has never promised that such a thing will never happen again in the society. Secondly it is a very inhumane form of punishment and thirdly government of a country itself

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