Capital Punishment In Truman Capote's In Cold Blood

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In Cold Blood It all started on the night of November 14, 1959, when two young men came to Holcomb, Kansas. They first came to rob the Clutters, but when finding there was not ten thousand dollars in the house like they were told, they thoughtlessly killed all four of them, for only forty bucks and a little radio. The men were finally caught, but forced to stand on trial with people who already want the two men dead, which puts the town in favor of capital punishment, before the trial had even started. The two young men, Dick Hickock and Perry Smith, were sentenced to the death penalty. The book In Cold Blood, I believe, is for the capital punishment. There were two men who were brutally honest, one saying, “ I believe in capital punishment, it’s like the bible says- and eye for an eye. And even so were two pairs short.” The other man was asked if he was for or against the capital punishment, he response was, “ Ordinarily i’m against it, but in this case no.” Capote uses the law as an example that even though the death penalty is wrong and makes you just as bad as the people that committed the crime. “ It is a relic of human…show more content…
Many of the townspeople clearly state that they are for it and want Dick Hickock and Perry Smith dead. Another factor of this is, Garden City, Kansas is the most religious part of Kansas, and even they voted for the death penalty. If they would have had the trial some place else in Kansas, then i wonder if they would have still gotten the death penalty, knowing that anywhere else in Kansas did not know the Clutters. Although religion does not go along way to help out Dick and Perry, but why doesn’t the law? The law is there for a reason, to follow it, why doesn’t the law come into play for the death penalty? Killing people is a horrible thing to do, even if they did thoughtlessly murder a whole family in the middle of the night. It makes you just as bad as a killer then they
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