'Capital Punishment Is Morally Justified'

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The findings showed that society constructs a criminal justice system that scares future criminals off by making an example of those who commit it.” What this means is that capital punishment will marginalize murders. It pushes them to the edge of society so that they cannot commit crime again. Accordingly, it will eradicate and terminate the future threats of dangerous offenders who are inclined to bring to community while behind bar or after parole (Shepherd). A second disputation of those who advocate capital punishment is that it is “just and moral”. One of those who believe this is Casey Carmical, who is professional translator and blog writer of website called “Casey 's Critical Thinking” pertaining to current social and political issues. In article “Capital Punishment Is Morally Justified”, Carmical confirmed that “the purpose of the…show more content…
He also ascertained that murder is clarified as “the unlawful and malicious or premeditated killing of one

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