Should Women Receive Capital Punishment Essay

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What is the reason behind very few woman receiving capital punishment? Have you ever ate ice cream before dinner and received time out in the corner? Can you imagine being executed for the same crime ? Not quite , well before community service or jail capital punishment was one of the ways to deal with crime. Capital punishment is a death sentence the government has given to people who were unfortunately committed of doing a crime. Of course there’s more than one type of capital punishment. But not all of them are the same. Lethal injection is the practice of injecting a person with different drugs to cause immediate death. Lethal injection was first introduced in the United States in the state of Texas. Charles Brook jr was…show more content…
Crimes are an unlawful act that can be punishable government officials or authority. But what kind of crimes do women even commit ? women are usually seen to commit larceny , theft , fraud , and drug possession. But when it comes to men we see worse. We imagine rape , murder and worse . Women are not seen as a threat to society as much as men are. I mean it makes sense , which crime would you give jail time to and which crime would you give the death penalty to ? A drug possession is only harmful to one person, the posesser. A rape crime can harm multiple people. This crime can harm the parents of the victim as well as the victim. Of course the government would want to make the person who created more harm to suffer. Karla Faye Tucker was born november 18th 1959 and pronounced dead on february 3rd of 1998 because of the death penalty. She was the first woman to receive capital punishment. She was convicted of murder and robbery on june 13 , 1983. In her early 20’s she hung out with the wrong group of people. These two bikers of hers were james Leibrant and Danny Garrett. They were attempting to rob a house of another biker and steal a motorcycle. Unfortunately two people were murdered. Karla Faye Tucker was put to death with a legal injection on june
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