Pro Death Penalty Arguments

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What would you do if you were the prosecutor of a felon who has killed a child as young as ten? Would you put him in prison for a couple years or give him the one thing he can’t escape from…. capital punishment? This punishment is when a criminal who was legally convicted is executed. Critics may disagree and say that it would go against the Constitution saying that there shall be no cruel or unusual punishment. The ability to handle out the death penalty should be available to penalize the felons with the most serious of charges. The death penalty would bring peace to victims' family, bring about justice and further prevent future crimes. I would be the prosecutor that comes out with justice in my hands.
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The murderers, rapists, and others bring about all those emotions. The anger, sadness, and fear that comes with losing someone or having to imagine what they went through. Some people believe that life in prison is good enough for those felons; where they sustain free food, clothes, water, showers. All those supplies that taxpayers are paying for, the stuff that the victims family is aiding in paying for. Does it seem fair to let those people live with what they have done when they probably don't even feel guilt? Let the victim’s family live knowing their daughter, son, mother, father, etc is gone. Never coming back to them and their killer or rapists is still alive and thriving. Citizens of the U.S. are still largely in favor of the death penalty with 55% agreeing to keep the punishment [D.P.I.C.]. And with 41% of americans thinking capital punishment is not applied enough, and 52% believe it is fairly applied [Jones, Jeffrey]. We also have to remember what the victims last minutes were like. The people with the penalty of death get to decide their last meal and have what they want. While their victim died with what they had in their stomach, and had no comfort like their murders would have [Santhanam]. “When it…show more content…
In this case the opponents are the persons who would like to pack up the death penalty and dump it on the side of the road along with the rest of the misfits. They believe it is the most inhumane way to do things and we would be no better than a killer ourselves. “My objection to the death penalty is based on the idea that this is a democracy, and in a democracy the government is me, and if the government kills somebody then I'm killing somebody,” as stated by Steve Earle [Goodman]. Though in some sense this may be true, we are killing them in a much more humane way than they must have killed their terrified victims. As I earlier stated they are given opportunities their prey did not sustain. Such as saying goodbye to their families and reflecting on their life. This death penalty is encouraged in many countries and has so far reflected well on some of them. To give victims families the justice they deserve, the people the justice they deserve and to prevent further slaughter, this country owes it to its dead and to keep this country as safe as we can while still remaining the democracy we strive to
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