Difference Between Democracy And Capitalism

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Democracy is supposed to enable the capital achieved by a nation by enforcing a sense of control in the country’s accomplishments by its people. A successful, true democracy enables a nation’s prosperity as the input of all leads to compromise for all to achieve to which they strive for. Though this is ideal, the alignment of capitalism to democracy rarely maintain these attributes.
Political and economic systems are often are similar in order to correlate for how the society functions as a whole. For example, democracy and capitalism are associated with one another, as are socialism and communism. Although these are known basis of a pure democratic government truly parallels a socialist economy. Democracies enforce equality among all, as
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No one person’s ability, wealth, intelligence, or any other aspect overpowers the influence of another’s vote in à democracy. Although the input of the electoral college ultimately determines the outcome of an election, they are representatives elected by the people believed to have their best interest. In comparison to socialism, everyone is set at an equal basis where no one advances or is lessened in the impact which they have on the society as a whole; it is à general consesus which is reached. One may argue à difference between the two being that the determining factors of consensus are by the people in à democracy, as opposed by the government in socialist society. In reality, people just want power anf in democracies poeple are less forth coming about that yearn that they are in communist societies. People do and say what they need to be elected into power,Democracy is seemingly what people want but the regulation allows. The united states has the reputation of fulfilling the american…show more content…
Socializing consists of people who they are similar to in ranking and wealth, just based upon who they can relate to and who they feel equal to in regards to their own accomplishments. Materialistic values impact how people view themselves rather than the basis of which we are all humans with the ability to think and finding people with similar mindsets and interests. Materialistic achievements do not accurately portray one’s potential, many are able to cheat their way through acheieving what they’d want as opposed to working hard and diligently for the ir The government is the only thing which demonstrates equality within the United States, as judgment still segregates people and the barriers keep expanding. Economic capitalism must be greater regulated as that is what we base success upon. Ou cannot form capital and actually make something of yourself, you must first have some which benefits you and puts you at an advantage to succeed. The only true thing one can build upon is their own knowledge, which can grant personal fulfillment yet to acheieve within the world that alone is not sufficient. Charisma, economic boosts, appeal to others ensure à person’s ability to succeed rather than their own ability. Everything is viewed materialistically or what triggers positive emotion out of another person; which is further why we have à democracy and capitalism. Everyone likes the idea in
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