Capitalism And Freedom Friedman Analysis

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Capitalism and Freedom While reading Capitalism and Freedom, a clear idea that is regularly identified would be how an economy should run. Milton Friedman believed in a capitalistic economy (Friedman). He also felt that government can not have two forms of rule (Friedman). For example, he felt that having a socialist economy but a democratic style of government would not work. By having two different styles of government, Friedman thought the government would infringe on people’s individual rights. An author from a previous reading that would agree with Friedman, would be Thomas Jefferson. Friedman believed that capitalistic economies are the reason why society is freer than any other time in history. This is similar to Jefferson due to his asking for departure form Great Britain. By leaving Great Britain, the Colonies were not under British rule any longer. Also, this separated them from a tyranny rule of government, creating a better capitalistic economy. After the separation from Great Britain, there was no longer two types of government running the economy and the government itself. This proves Friedman’s point that there can not be two styles of government running the two systems. A person who would disagree with Friedman’s view…show more content…
Friedman believed that in order for society to function properly they all must agree on some sort of values (Friedman). Also he mentions that everyone must have a standard for literacy and common knowledge. A person who may be in favor of the belief of education would be Fredrick Douglass. Douglass was a former slave who was educated by his master’s wife. He believed in education for all people, but where Douglass would disagree with Friedman is Friedman’s values. Friedman believed that a business owner has a right to segregate if the owner pleases. That would violate Douglass’s believe of values due to the fact that Douglass felt everyone was
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