Capitalism And Independence In The Film Easy Rider

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The film Easy Rider compares two forms of freedom, capitalism and independence. Billy (Dennis Hopper) strives towards the idea that freedom is capitalism, and the “rags to riches” kind of American dream. Wyatt 's (Peter Fonda) idea of freedom is independence, longing to deconstruct the ideals of the generation that came before them and live, love and smoke on his own terms. The film opens with a shot of two Americans completing a drug deal, purchasing what looks like a large amount of cocaine, which they quickly sell to a man in a Rolls Royce. As the story continues and you learn these 2 motorcycle riding hippies names are Wyatt and Billy looking for a good time and bastion from the injustices of a rightest America. Starting their journey from Los Angeles to Mardi Gras in Louisiana where they believe they will attain freedom and independence. The men have long hair and despite the pressure they get to cut it and conform they keep their hair long resulting in being denied hotel lodging, food and other such decencies from people who do not approve. Despite living outside in the elements, they managed to get everything they need from heat in the form of fire to food, weed and even love. Also…show more content…
It also was shot with the small budget of $400,000 (via and then, continuing to make a gross profit of 60,000,000 in the 10 years after it’s release. In those two ways, the film Easy Rider falls into what was the Hollywood Renaissance, challenging social constructs with representations to more open sexual commentary and the questioning of institution in America. The whole cast fits the theme of American iconography, Dennis Hopper writing and acting in Easy Rider he was an American actor, filmmaker, photographer and artist. Also working with James Dean, appearing in Rebel Without a Cause. Peter Fonda is also an American actor and an icon of the counterculture of the

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