Capitalism In Canada Persuasive Essay

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On Saturday, June 21, 1919 Winnipeg went on strike. Thousands of workers in the city refused to work violence broke out in tension rose. Winnipeg was growing economic centre, large number of immigrant workers had settled in the city more so in “the North End” the citizens of Winnipeg were not happy about the immigrant workers settling in the city. The end of the war caused problems for workers, workers unrest came to head in Winnipeg in 1919. The citizens of Winnipeg that were newly settled in wanted to improve working and living conditions, these ideas show some suspicion in the wealthier citizens, most of the wealthier citizens were British-Canadians. Winnipeg is located, in the province of Manitoba it is the capital city of Manitoba, and with the growing economy in the newly settled immigrants they thought it would be best to improve working and living…show more content…
Other provinces and cities wanted to show their sympathy and support walking off their jobs as well such as: Montréal and Vancouver. The strike quickly escalated spreading from industry to industry, the key industries were shutting down, such as garbage collectors, telephone operators, Hydro workers and postal workers refused to work. This caused the citizens of Winnipeg to split into two camps, one side was all about strikers that families and other supporters, and on the other side where the owners of the employees and leading citizens of Winnipeg. The worker leaders were arrested and sentenced to jail when workers were forced to go back to work they had to sign a contract called the “yellow dog contract” this enabled that workers would not join any union and would not be involved in any union activities. Citizens from this unfair, but still signed otherwise they may be sentenced to jail and would no longer be able to support their
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