Capitalism In The Caribbean Essay

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The poor would be poorer and the rich would be richer if it wasn’t for Capitalism! The term capitalism refers to where the production and distribution of goods are privately done and managed in order to maximize profit. This action promotes social mobility of individuals in which gives growth in one’s generation or career goal in life. Capitalism historically began Europe when Christopher Columbus believed that Europeans should encounter a different environment which they could see themselves in freedom. Three dominant ideological leaders in the Caribbean are bob Marley, Marcus Garvey and Edward Seaga. They help the shaping of the Caribbean that is present today. I strongly believed that capitalism is the Caribbean’s dominant ideology as there…show more content…
From the experiences that Bob Marley had with life and musical journey he wrote to express about it in his songs. His music has influenced persons from all over the world especially the Caribbean countries. For example in his song “Could you be loved.” This line however refers to that people ought to receive equal respect that they deserve. The second line, “Don’t let them fool you” seeks to refer not to let the leaders of your country and Babylon-popularly known as police brainwash you with false statements. Here it can be seen that Bob Marley believes in capitalism and his popularity in music and culture has a major impact on the Caribbean. Also his belief of Rastafarianism is of pure culture which he lives up to. As a result of this, people however listen and follow his somewhat ‘ritual’ of natural life in their daily lives which today have shaped the culture of the Caribbean. Marcus Garvey had an influence throughout the Caribbean also. His ideology was based upon pride and racism. In Jamaica, central and South America and Europe, he believed that the ‘blacks’ were seen as persecutors because of their skin colour. He believed blacks were to be treated as how whites are treated because blacks can also produce leaders, scientists and philosophers etc. ‘African Fudamentalism’ was the racial position that Marcus Garvey took. He believed that according to the organization or country race that the

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