Capitalism In The Liberal Dream

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Liberal Dream The liberal dream camp show that with virtues and ethics of markets, cooperation, freedom, and fostering creativity that markets are good and make people do good things. These organizations force people in a positive way to make choices to be economically sound but also good people. This idea can be seen in the quote, “Markets, then, not only produce economic harmony (the satisfaction of individuals’ desires and needs), they also create social harmony,” (Forcade and Healy 2007:287). This can be seen with how businesses have to interact with consumers to stay in-business. Popular theorist in this camp are Adam Smith and Von Mises. They both look at how the capitalism because it served a need and was the best option. (Smith) Adam…show more content…
Capitalism was the best option for people with their specific kill sets, demand of products, and current situation. Capitalism has prevailed because it allows us to be free and thus the best way to be free is to be in a capitalist society. This idea is explained in the quote, “it is the outcome of man’s endeavors to adjust his action in the best possible way to the given conditions of his environment that he cannot alter,” (Von Mises 205). This concept can be seen because the consumers are the ones determining production in society. They can determine what products are produce more. If the entrepreneur does not satisfy demand, then they are bad entrepreneurs. Von Mises believes that because of the direct role consumers have on the market there is the ability to make these remarkable achievements that are seen in the centuries after. Von Mises adds to the discussion with Smith that the liberal dream believes that the origins of capitalism is peaceful and most needed, which completely differs from Marx and the commodified nightmare…show more content…
The feudal system was a medieval government system that had Lords, who owned the land, and Serfs, who worked on the land. The position of an individual was assigned by birth, and there was no movement by the individual. This idea can be seen in the quote, “the rise of the industrial capitalist appears as the fruit of a victorious struggle both against feudal power and it’s disgusting prerogatives, and against the guilds, and the fetters by which the exploitation of man by man,” (Marx 1976:875). As capitalistic is created, there are many factors that negatively contribute to society, like the surplus of workers. The major problem is that not everyone is going to work in the workforce and will beg or do other things that are not capitalistic to survive. Marx’s argues that the surplus of people are forced in the form of fear into the workforce. (might

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