Capitalism Vs Communism Vs Capitalism

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Communism versus Ecolism
Communism with all its variations in Russia, China, Cuba, and the totalitarianism of North Korea, has created classless societies living on the basic necessities for survival. The socio-economic system provided for free rationed food, basic accommodation, simple clothe and good education, but forced the individual to work in factories or do specific administrative jobs.

Such socio-economic system made people the property of the government and controlled by a single ruling communist party. The public acted as robots programmed by the government to perform specific tasks dictated by the republic. A robot is an executer and has no incentive or motivation to do anything better than its program.

Nevertheless, the system created powerful country with industrial and nuclear power that costed much less than what it costs the USA to produce.

The communism system ensured that the basic necessities to survive are provided to everyone, and there was no homelessness or starvation or poverty as there is in Africa. On the other hand, there was no further progressive improvement of productivity to compete with the western freer capitalistic systems. People has neither the incentive nor the motivation to do better and compete with other races on this planet. The living standard is monotonous with no ambitions.

Additionally, and as always, the ideology was abused by rulers and created enormous gap of wealth and power between the working class and the governing
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