Compare Ecolism And Communism

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Communism versus Ecolism
Communism with all its variations in Russia, China, Cuba, and the totalitarianism of North Korea, has created classless societies living on the basic necessities for survival. The socio-economic system provided for free rationed food, basic accommodation, simple clothe and good education, but forced the individual to work in factories or do specific administrative jobs.

Such socio-economic system made people the property of the government and controlled by a single ruling communist party. The public acted as robots programmed by the government to perform specific tasks dictated by the republic. A robot is an executer and has no incentive or motivation to do anything better than its program.

Nevertheless, the system
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As a result, the economy collapses and the entire system fails. It is like limited overdraft facility from a bank, the smaller is the amount or the restrictions to borrow more, the lesser is the trading capability and with larger amount of money the borrower’s trading capability increases.

While communism is too restrictive but fairer in providing the minimum standard of living, Capitalism is not restrictive but does not guarantee the minimum standard of living or ending poverty and homelessness. Therefore, Ecolism is the balance of the two extremes, ensures better standard of living as minimum, encourages ambitions to the maximum, and restrict inequalities.
Religions versus Ecolism
Some religious systems, have failed to adapt to the current 21st century 's socio-economic systems and integrate with the liberties of modern social convictions. And as there is a big gap between the super-rich and super-poor in capitalism, there is a more significant difference between the thousands of years old convictions compared to the current doctrines in the advanced western
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They are not even following what their prophet said during the Hadith "talks" for peace builders when he said: "If someone shows no compassion to people, God will show no compassion to him". It is even funnier and so double standard, when Moses more than 3200 years ago, killed the guard of Ramses II, escaped with his followers to the desert and brought up the ten commandments: one of them was "Thou shalt not kill". Maybe he learned from his mistake as we all still learning. And ironically, prophet Mohamed forbidden Alcohol, after he got drunk one night got up and killed his friend in anger.

However, let’s forget the past, humanity evolves all the time and humans learn from their mistakes and find prohibitive measures to prevent an unethical behaviour. The time has come to extract the moral values and the good teachings from the old religious systems to adapt them to our modern life, merge them with our socio-economic systems and dissolve them all in one furnace to extract the new Eco-socio-economic system that is more forgiving and fairer to all

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