Capitalism Vs Regulated Capitalism

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The great debate between a hands off, or laissez faire, and regulated capitalism has been occurring since even before the Industrial Revolution of the late 19th and early 20th Centuries. Major corruptions lean more towards the laissez faire economic policies because there are fewer restrictions. This might be beneficial for them, but for small town companies trying to pay bills and make profits. monopolies are a worrisome thought, especially when the larger companies are wishing to expand put them out of business. Regulated capitalism is a form of hands-on policy with the government including more strict codes for the industry. Having a laissez-faire economy could be more beneficial for some corporation executives; however, to ensure that the monopolies are non-existent and equality in the workplace is sufficient, a more regulated capitalism would be the fairest governance of the free-market capitalism. The first reason that regulated capitalism is better for the economy than free-market capitalism is because regulated capitalism is better for the smaller business. To better understand what regulated capitalism represents, regulated capitalism is, “Regulations on private enterprise, including taxation, that enable policies and/or processes that benefit citizens and enterprises alike”(“Well Regulated Capitalism”). Without regulated capitalism, larger companies would be able to take over smaller companies to further their revenue and location sites. An example of when
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