Capsim Mission Statement

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“A company’s strategy explains why the company matters in the marketplace by specifying an approach to creating superior value for customers and determining how capabilities and resources will be utilized to deliver the desired value to customers” (chapter1, pg2). We started off with our mission statement, just like any company we wanted to be the best in everything. Every area was assigned to someone else for them to manage it. In the marketing portion we agreed on advertising our products and finding the right customers by offering great deals. For production our goal was to provide production flexibility and cost reduction for our customers and have it run very smoothly. Lastly, for our finance we wanted to focus on selling bonds and having…show more content…
We need to make sure that our day-to-day actions would make our business successful. We put everyone in charge of a specific strategy, such as for myself it was R&D and production. Everyone had two of the functional pieces to work on and if we were stuck we were helping each other out. It got a little difficult once we started losing team members, but we still made sure to try to be successful in those areas. It was really hard for us as a team to earn points within profits and customer satisfaction. However, our financial structure was great. We did take loans out in order to be successful. We had to add products to compete with other teams. We did stock out quite often on some products, but every company has the right to do so in a competitive market. Our strongest

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