Capsiplex Sport Research Paper

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Capsiplex Sport is a one-pill-a-day supplement that should ideally be taken 30 minutes before exercising.
It is designed for individuals who enjoy physical training. Capsiplex Sport will “supercharge” workouts to boost endurance energy, focus and the metabolism
Capsiplex Sport harnesses the power of chilli pepper, the main featured ingredient which can help burn an extra 278 calories during exercise.
This is just another example of a Bauer Nutrition weight loss pill, and going by their track record, it should be quite interesting.
A point to note about this manufacturer is that they utilize FDA approved facilities for the manufacturing in the United States, and GMP approved facilities in the United Kingdom.
Quick Facts Reputable manufacturer Manufactured in FDA (US) and GMP (UK) approved facilities
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This ingredient contains something called “capsaicinoids”, which are known to increase energy, burn body fat, and supercharge the metabolism.
The official website provides a couple of examples of compelling studies describing the weight loss effects of capsicum extract. This ingredient is also suspected of increasing carbohydrate oxidation during exercise.
L-Arginine is known to enhance physical performance and build up muscle tolerance. The body naturally creates this chemical, but during exercise it depletes and it takes a while for it to fully replenish. This ingredient can help users feel more energetic and enjoy enhanced recovery in between workouts.
Niacin (also known as vitamin B3) is a naturally occurring amino acid that assists the body in producing nitric oxide during physical training. This ingredient is known to replenish nitric oxide levels, and assist the oxygen-flow and delivery to the muscles being

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