Capstone Project Reflection Paper

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The purpose of this short paper is to discuss the process and outcomes of the capstone project. Additionally, it would reflect its impact on my future career path. I consider this project as a preamble of what we (capstone course students) will meet in our professional setting. This project marks the ending of an educational journey, and the beginning of a scholar’s mindset. I have learned to put into practice the knowledge and skills acquired over the course of my Masters of Science in Psychology. But also be open and flexible to what was planned. This capstone project has helped me engage in many elements indispensable for any profession: collaboration, overcoming, and exert professionalism. Firstly, I would like to indicate that this capstone…show more content…
An example of this was clear when I was searching for methods to assess participants’ mood and arousal, mental state, and cognitive tasks. Research and psychologists are mandated to use valid and reliable tools in their research (APA, 2010). In order to address this matter, I had to read many sources, and re-read earlier notes from SNHU courses. My commitment and dedication to deliver a quality job helped me find what I was looking for. These characteristics, which I considered some of my strengths, will definitely be of great use in my forthcoming…show more content…
Collaboration through feedback and assisting my peers is something that is going to be vital during my entire career. This is particularly necessary for personal and professional growth. In other matters, obstacles are a given no matter the type of job we do. Hence, the dedication and diligence that are employed amidst of them would make a difference and great contribution in pursue of helping and benefiting people and communities. Likewise, the responsible application of knowledge cannot be overlooked when it comes to
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