Personal Reflection: Work In A Team

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In this Capstone I learnt from it that is not only work in the individual it also works in a team or a group of people to encourage us to solve challenging problems, think critically and develop skills. For example, build a good relationship, well-communication, planning, research skills, media knowledge, public speaking, teamwork, self-confidence, target setting and so on. Competitive strategy is a strategy that develops student focusing on emerging understanding and the dynamic of an industry which is local issues. A process of reproduction, reflection and experiential learning are enhanced within solve problems, decision making, analysis of general critical, capabilities of creative thinking and so on. All of these will help us in our future…show more content…
Not because of this, the second challenge that we are faced where is we lack of time management and communication with teammates due to we have our own opinion and different idea while in the business plan and spending a long period of time while during meetings. Therefore, it is the reason why we are not enough time to complete our work. A part from that, the challenge that I faced in individual is that I lack of teamwork due to I am evade responsibility where I did not know how to do the part of my work and did not do research or ask a group mates and when I am facing trouble, I just put aside my work and ignore it. In addition, the challenge that I faced by individual is that I rarely while attend the meeting. Therefore, it causes our work would be delay and not enough time to completed our…show more content…
For example, after we have learnt this subject, we know that is not only about how the organization is working it also about how we establish an organization and how you manage your product or service within your skills, knowledge and experiences. All of these skills, knowledge and experiences are where that I could not get before. A par from that, capstone is a subject that we had to created a small business giving us a more opportunity to exercise creative freedom, good sense to control over our lives and high self confidence when facing the difficult challenge even though in college or careers. After taken this subject, it improves our writing, critical thinking, perseverance, time management, self-restraint, creativity and solve problems and so on. Beside, it is the target of our basic business and how you set a period of time to achieve your plan to make it successful in your business plan. Not because of this, it also helps you to understand how you plan to manage, make money and sustain our business. In business plan, we have to set a goals, marketing, strategies, sales plan, financial forecasts and so

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