Capsulitis Case Studies

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Citation: Guler-Uysal F, Kozanoglu E. Comparison of the early response to two methods of rehabilitation in adhesive capsulitis. Swiss Med Wkly. 2004 Jun. 134: 353-358

Brief Description of patient: Patient is a 50 year-old female who was just diagnosed with adhesive capsulitis. Patient has noticeable restricted range of motion and has ranked her pain a 7/10 on the visual analog scale. The patient has described her symptoms as restraining as she cannot do normal activities such as dressing herself, or sleeping without eliciting an onset of pain. The patient states that her goal is to return to functional range of motion at the end of her treatment.
PICO Question: Is deep friction massage more effective than heat and short wave diathermy (SWD) in increasing range or motion and decreasing pain in patients whom have been diagnosed with adhesive capsulitis.
Databases Searched and Key Words: PubMed: adhesive capsulitis, ultrasound, deep friction massage, diathermy, heat. CINAHL: adhesive capsulitis, deep friction massage. PEDro: adhesive capsulitis, deep friction massage, heat, ultrasound
Question Type: Therapy Intervention
Methods: This study was a prospective randomized clinical trial administered at the outpatient clinic of the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation in Adana, Turkey. The
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The methods for the study are easy to follow and straightforward. The authors for this study state that there is not substantial evidence through literature to compare these two treatments but from their study you can conclude short term affects are more beneficial for the patient to receive deep friction massage with mobilization exercises to increase their range of motion and decreasing pain short term. This study does not include threats of internal and external validity, confidence in data, or risks and
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