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The last samurai tells us the story of captain Nathan Algren. Captain Algren served in the American civil war, during this time he was
Awarded the Medal of Honor for his bravery at Gettysburg. To some this would be impressive to Algren It brings back the haunting memories of Cheyenne women and children being brutally massacred. Captain Algren struggles to find peace from his actions but his mind is clouded by alcohol and emotional turmoil. Can the way of the
Samurai help the young captain find peace in his actions or will he fall victim to the bottle? We meet captain Algren drunk right before he appears on stage
To perform his clownish job as a poster boy for the Winchester company. Clouded
By the whiskey Algren scares the unsuspecting audience
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they are quickly cut down by the well trained samurai, grant sees massacre going on and quickly jumps in to help his fellow comrade. Blinded by the smoke captain Gant was stricken by an arrow as was killed instantaneously. Through the heart fought battle captain Algren was captured and brought back to the enemy 's compound. To the captains surprise he is treated with respect and learns that his enemies are not some savages but peaceful people. Katsumoto the leader of the samurai shows Algren the ways to being a better person and to live with his decisions made in battle. Algren is placed in the home of Taka to be cared for, after the fact he was responsible for the death of her husband. Katsumoto decides it would be a good idea for both of them to be together so they could both come to terms with his actions.
As winter passes Algren starts to show the good inside himself, helping others, training as a samurai to become one with himself. The road to redemption is long for captain Algren, he is guided by
Ouijo the second in command under Katsumoto. Ouijo spends no time messing around and immediately starts training off with sparing to test the will of captain Algren. Ouiji surprised by how quickly Algren can catch up on the sophisticated way of the
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