Captain America Civil War Analysis

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Artifact: Captain America: Civil War (2016) Importance of Artifact: This artifact is important because it displays one individual’s courage and integrity to stand for what they believe is right. Captain America has always been a symbol of American rebellion and freedom since his conception in the original comic books. This theme is still alive today in this modern adaptation of his story in the 2016 film when he refuses to sign the Sokovia Accords (peace treaty agreement), a legal document that gives the United Nations control over the Avengers, even if it means fighting his friends. Genre: Superhero science fiction film, thriller (war movie) Similar Artifacts: Hunger Games, The Divergent movies. These movies also are about an individual who is pressured by a powerful group in society to conform to a path of least resistance, but who chose to stand by what they believe is right, even if it means they will have to go on the run and fight for their freedom. There is also a similarity because of the main protagonist friends who rally around them and become outlaws because of it. Why use fantasy theme analysis for this artifact?: This analysis is perfect for Captain America: Civil War because Marvel Studio movies have very realistic characters. They are realistic because in spite being superheroes, Captain America and the other Avengers have human, mortal cravings. They are made of flesh and blood, they get hurt, and can be killed. They have tempers and consciences that
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