Captain Beatty Vs Intellectuality

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Captain Beatty thinks that it is more important to know how to do stuff than be intellectual. He says that intellectual is the swear word it deserves to be. I think that Captain Beatty is wrong. His world is kind of the opposite of ours, but it still means something to be intellectual, because someone had to think a way of how their community should live. He can't really just know how to do it.

I personally think that being intellectual is more important than knowing how to do stuff, because just because you know how to do something, doesn't mean that you are gonna grow up and do exactly that. The things that you would know what to do, would be things thought up by intellectual people and intellectual minds. Without intellectual people, this world would be absolutely nowhere. Knowing how to do stuff might get you through college, but what about after college?

To pass school, you have to know things. If you know how to play basketball, it is useless unless your intelligent, because you can't play basketball with bad grades. The coaches can kick you off the team if you have bad grades. Bad grades can't get you to college, and bad grades won't get you any form of work. No boss would want to hire someone that didn't pass a
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Knowing how to do things isn't necessarily a bad thing. Some people do believe that knowing how to do things will get you farther in life, I just don't believe this to be true because, yes, you can get a job for knowing how to cook, but depending on your level of intelligence, you probably won't get payed a lot unless you know things that many cooks wouldn't know. Many people that are intellectual, go to college and get a better education, so they can get a good job, because good jobs pay very well. Bosses want smart people, and people that know what they are doing, but you will not get a very good job with no college
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